Call Your Sister

Omicron Take 3

December 01, 2021 Season 1 Episode 62
Call Your Sister
Omicron Take 3
Show Notes

We’ve heard the news and people are just getting under covers and rolling over. Another COVID variant Omicron and everyone is still quitting. And we’re loving it! In this episode sisters Alexandra Hodge and Astrid Ferguson get candid and discuss (just like sisters do best):

1. Pandemic creating a new work evolution (quit and think about it later; loyalty is for the birds).
2. Surrogates is the future (robots and meta world; Astrid a tiger with a crown in the future sims city 🤣).
3. Longevity and loyalty to nothing is the new motto because we’re tired of being deceived
4. Hence, the discussion on Hulu series Dopesick (major opioid crisis and it’s link to pain management & depression talk about capitalism and deceit at its finest)
5. Netflix movie Passing-we have thoughts and questions and sisters Alex and Astrid have differing views on hypocrisy

So get comfortable because from the looks of it, home is a permanent check-in with Omicron, soon mask mandates and possibly another booster shot?! We can’t win, can we?

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