Call Your Sister

Bloody Inflations

November 17, 2021 Astrid and Alexandra Season 1 Episode 61
Call Your Sister
Bloody Inflations
Show Notes

In this episode sisters Alexandra Hodge and Astrid Ferguson discuss Elizabeth Holmes former CEO of Theranos, Kyle Rittenhouse homicide trial and how inflation affects us all. Hence the name bloody inflations.

Every now and then, the sisters get together to discuss current event topics that seriously affect our Latinx and black communities. Kyle Rittenhouse was the young man with a riffle (AR-style semi automatic) who shot and killed 2 people at a Black Lives Matter protest and wounded another in Kenosha, WI. He is currently on trial and thus far one of the misdemeanor charges have been dismissed. The verdict is still developing, however,  the judge seems to have a soft spot for Kyle.

Elizabeth Holmes startup lab-testing company was shut down after it failed to deliver revolutionary lab-testing amid allegations of fraud in 2018. Elizabeth was able to secure an enormous amount of capital from many angel investors with a company valuation of approx. $7billion, tampered with reports, used Pfizer logo to display proof of concept to investors, and even got Walgreens on board to begin using the compact lab-testing device. Learn all about the Holmes case hearings.

Last but not least, we discuss inflation and how it’s affecting all of us. Consumers are buying but not enough employees to keep up with demand. Which results in inflation soaring, revealing a financial crisis in our economy. This episode may require some pen and paper readiness as it is jam packed with information. Otherwise, catch you next time!

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