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How Puerto Rico is Excluded from Federal Benefits

November 10, 2021 Astrid and Alexandra Season 1 Episode 60
Call Your Sister
How Puerto Rico is Excluded from Federal Benefits
Show Notes

In this episode sisters (Alexandra Hodge and Astrid Ferguson) catch up on a few life events and discuss the Supreme Court case that appeared uncertain about how to handle a federal law that denies disability benefits to U.S. citizens living in Puerto Rico. Yes, many are unaware that many of the federal benefits that U.S. Citizens take for granted are denied to US territories such as Puerto Rico, Guam, The Virgin Islands and many more.

Therefore, in this episode discussions include what a territorial segregation case is and how for many years the US has denied/excluded territories like Puerto Rico from receiving the same benefits as citizens on the mainland. If the supreme court agrees to reversing this law, more than $2B would be owed to US citizens living in Puerto Rico. A crucial decision that would affect more than 700,000 people.

Moral of the story... check your benefits sis before changing addresses. The US has a way of cutting benefits for those who don't live in the mainland. It is not fair but when was law ever meant to be fair? Do your homework before losing your insurance and benefits you've worked so hard for.

Read all about the ongoing case on the Hill below:

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