Call Your Sister

The Fish Are Sick! ... Why is Dating So Hard?

September 01, 2021 Season 1 Episode 52
Call Your Sister
The Fish Are Sick! ... Why is Dating So Hard?
Show Notes

In this episode sisters Alexandra Hodge and Astrid Ferguson discuss why dating is so hard. We debate about the importance of keeping your options open leading up to marriage or in a fully committed relationship. How dating life has changed and how flexibility becomes the most important factor to finding happiness, especially if dating during a pandemic.

It's no secret, we have all experienced being deceived and lied to. Most of us struggle identifying what we truly seek in a relationship. Some of us have a difficult relationship with ourselves, let alone a partner. In this new generation transparency is the number one thing people value. However, have we ever really truly discussed what being completely transparent means and how we react to those who are fully transparent? Ever noticed How easy it is to check off honesty before loyalty? How kindness is repeatedly viewed as a weakness because we desire edgy, cool, familiar, and reject opening ourselves to a new outlook? Alexandra seems to struggle finding dating as an opportunity for discovery. She appears to be very judgemental and feels that this new generation is too open.

Astrid speaks from a lens of longevity and what it means to look beyond dating as she is happily married. So with two opposing views these sisters discuss and agree that what used to work no longer works today. Settling is what many of our parents and older family members used to do. So Astrid challenges that if the idea is not to join the likely 50% of divorces, maybe we should reconsider how we approach dating.? At least that is the premises of this discussion between two sisters with very opposing views.

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