Call Your Sister

It's Our Anniversary!

August 12, 2021 Season 1 Episode 50
Call Your Sister
It's Our Anniversary!
Show Notes

Welcome back to a brand new episode of Call Your Sister Podcast! This week sisters Astrid Ferguson and Alexandra Hodge reflect on the past year as they celebrate their 1 year anniversary! insert splash of confetti here lol

Episodes mentioned are:

Episodes 3 and 4, where these lovely sisters discuss toxic relationships and not only toxic relationships with other people but how you can be toxic to yourself too!

Episode 26, What do guys really need in relationships? This episode was featured by Ebony McNeil and Jeez Pattison where they spilled the tea about what men need. Did you know they like to be complimented alot too? No? Well, sisters Astrid and Alex invite to listen in the this candid conversation.

Last but not least Episode 24, what money mindsets are you leaving in 2020? In this episode sisters Alex and Astrid discuss living in abundance rather than living in scarcity. Alex shares how much she struggles to use up her vacation days and Astrid schools us all on stocks!

Here's to 1 year down podcasting! We couldn't be here without you! Thank you!

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