Call Your Sister

Prioritizing Our Mental Health

August 04, 2021 Season 1 Episode 49
Call Your Sister
Prioritizing Our Mental Health
Show Notes

In this solo episode cohosts/sisters Astrid Ferguson and Alexandra Hodge discuss the need to prioritize our mental health no matter the cost, for benevolence. Simone Biles and Sha’Carri Richardson are two athletes that have paved the way for minority women to prioritize their mental health.

They continue to be strong leaders for our BIPOC community by simply being able to admit that they are not made of steel. They are human beings before they became athletes and their athletic ability is a gift that will always belong to them even if they are not competing. Simone Biles and Sha’Carri have been through very tough times that warranted the need to reconnect with their mental health. Sha’Carri lost her mother and resorted to smoking weed which led to her suspension. While Simone Biles dropped out of the olympics. They both showed us that they are really the goat!

It’s time for women to start seeing themselves as the goat of their mental health and understand that if the mind isn’t strong our delivery of everything will weaken. So take the time you need sis! Sha’Carri Richardson and Simone Biles we still believe in you.

Finally, prioritize your mental health ladies, so everything around you can become better than before. Take what you need and leave what no longer serves you from this episode. Just promise that no matter what the world says you will not apologize for prioritizing what you need right now!

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