Call Your Sister

Cafe y Spirituality with Tia Maria

July 28, 2021 Season 1 Episode 48
Call Your Sister
Cafe y Spirituality with Tia Maria
Show Notes

If you lost everything what would you do first? Would you cry? Would you blame the universe? Or would you ask the universe how can I serve people who need my gifts?

Not many of us would’ve chosen the latter but Maria Guadeloupe (aka Tia Maria) the host of Cafe y Consejos, did. She chose to look within and find the answers she needed to go from an unemployed nurse to a pastor supporting same sex marriages and a podcast host. She shares her journey of finding her calling. What it means to be spiritual and how the universe responded with more fulfillment she never thought possible.

Maria goes by Tia Maria because she is that auntie with the most soothing voice to remind us with a cup of coffee, that no storm last forever. Follow Maria and listen to her podcast and don’t forget your cup of coffee.

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