Call Your Sister

Latinos in Film with Arilyn Martinez Cora

July 20, 2021 Season 1 Episode 47
Call Your Sister
Latinos in Film with Arilyn Martinez Cora
Show Notes

Ready? And Action!!!

Who wouldn’t want to see themselves on the big screen? Imagine yourself driving up to Netflix headquarters and getting a deal! Aye! We can all dream big but… the reality sis is everyone starts somewhere way smaller.

So sisters (Astrid Ferguson & Alexandra Hodge) interview Arilyn Martinez Cora who is an entrepreneur, educator, and filmmaker from Puerto Rico. Who has been producing and directing films in the U.S and her native country for almost a decade.  She even co-produced the TV show special Empowering Women In Media Panel—a collaboration with the company Girl Love Yourself Now and Manhattan Neighborhood Network. Her passion has been promoting and informing the community about the Latinx entertainment world in film, empowering women through education media, television and online platforms. 

Arilyn Martínez Cora is the Founder/Director of the Latino Film Market Inc. (LFM). The Latino Film Market is a woman-run 501c3 not-for-profit that provides information about film distribution to the Latinx filmmakers since 2017.  Through the LFM, Martinez Cora has assisted in the sell of 5 short-films and 1 feature film. 

The truth is the red carpet isn’t rolled out on the first script or short film filmmakers produce. So listen to this episode and if you’re an aspiring filmmaker in need of some guidance hit up Arilyn @Latinos Film Market. Ready? Action!

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