Call Your Sister

How Sis got Scammed

July 07, 2021 Astrid and Alexandra Season 1 Episode 45
Call Your Sister
How Sis got Scammed
Show Notes

Work from home job! Hiring freelancers!!! Apply today and start making money! Have you heard or seen those posts?

If you have, listen to this episode with hosts Alexandra Hodge (little sis) explaining to (big sis) Astrid Ferguson her recent scam experience. The scammers are getting clever and it’s important to learn their crafty ways and what to do if you ever get scammed. The sad truth my friend, you will get scammed at least once in your lifetime. The evolution of technology has opened opportunities for con artists around the world to impersonate anyone. Shoot we looking at scammers on Instagram right now! So be vigilant sis and do not allow your desires like Alex did fog your judgement.

Money laundering is real and listening to scammer stories like Alex help us become aware of new schemes. Don’t get scammed like Alex and share it with other sisters you know who are looking for remote/work from home jobs. Knowledge is power so share the wealth.
Be on the lookout for scammers!

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