Call Your Sister

How Coming Out Led to Viva Fit with Shakira Williamson

June 23, 2021 Astrid and Alexandra Season 1 Episode 44
Call Your Sister
How Coming Out Led to Viva Fit with Shakira Williamson
Show Notes

In this episode Astrid Ferguson speaks with Shakira Williamson to learn about her coming out and love story with her wife Adrianna Williamson. It isn’t often you get to catch up with a childhood friend and learn about her sexuality transition. It’s a commonly uncomfortable conversation that doesn’t naturally occur prior to high-school. Especially, not a coming out story.

Learn how Shakira tried to be straight to appease her parents while knowing as early as eight years old that she liked women. How she learned to surrender and it lead to finding her wife Adrianna. Finally learning to accept herself as she is without hiding any pieces of her divine femininity and establishing her Viva Fit 30 day challenge.

In this episode you will hear how painful it can be pretending to be someone you’re not to keep those around you comfortable. While simultaneously, finding everything you need when we stop trying to make sense of life and just begin living. Join Shakira’s Viva-fit 30-day challenge and wish her and her wife Adrianna Williamson, well wishes on the commencement of their marriage via Shakira Instagram

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