Call Your Sister

Mom struggles "I Like Oils Too!!"

June 09, 2021 Astrid and Alexandra Season 1 Episode 42
Call Your Sister
Mom struggles "I Like Oils Too!!"
Show Notes

A funny yet candid episode between two sisters discussing motherhood, teenagers, and genuine concerns raising a child in the suburbs. Astrid is the mother of two boys, one being a teenager who clearly doesn't know much about the street life. She is also struggling with understanding when to let go and when to protect her son from the peer pressures that plague the youth of this generation.

One of them being social media and access to things too early (vape pens e.g.). While this is a funny episode between Alexandra and Astrid they genuinely have concerns with raising boys in this new era and in the suburbs. They also pivot in ways they feel they can share good habits around things like separation anxiety with your phone. Alexandra shares, she started leaving her cell phone at home while running errands. Would you be capable of leaving your phone at home on purpose?

Listen up as we share some good habits to set boundaries with your phone and our genuine Afrolatina mom concerns for our boys.

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